I am a trained dancer with a degree in dance performance from Eastern Michigan University. I have more than 25 years of professional experience teaching, choreographing, directing, and performing in both the dance world and a variety of spiritual communities. All of that experience has given me valuable tools for growing and deepening into my primary passion which is shamanic dance. Spirituality has always been super important to me, it’s what gives my life meaning and purpose. And dancing has always been the primary way that I connect with Spirit. 

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I have been practicing and leading others in Shamanic dance ritual for more than 15 years. Time and time again I’ve witnessed the transformative and life-giving power these rituals hold. They create a powerful container that offers an intimate and direct connection with the Divine. Through shamanic dance practices, our bodies become the prayer and we can dialogue with the Creator of all things. This process is best taught in a workshop or intensive class series. Events are open to all people and all spiritual paths. Follow my Instagram account for workshop/class announcements. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book an event in your space. No dance experience is necessary to participate. However if you are in the dance community, I would be thrilled to offer a workshop for experienced dancers that incorporates modern dance technique and contemporary choreography that is Shamanic in nature.

I am also an intuitive reader that uses a variety of mediums to share insightful and healing messages. I combine tarot and oracle cards with channeled movement for an in-depth and embodied spiritual reading. This unique approach offers a tangible experience that can be seen and felt on multiple levels. Clients who book a reading will also receive a custom, intuitive movement sequence designed specifically for them which can be incorporated into their own personal practice.

Have questions? Need more information about some of the terms I used above? Check out my Go Deeper page for answers to common questions as well as in-depth information about shamanic dance, channeled movement, intuitive movement, and somatic alchemy. 

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