A shaman is an intuitive healer. The word shaman literally means “one who knows”.  Shamans connect with the spirit realm through altered states of consciousness for the purpose of directing spiritual energy back into the physical world, usually for the purpose of healing. Dance or movement is one way to achieve this altered state and begin your journey. It is also a powerful form of communication that surpasses language barriers helping to communicate the language of Spirit where words fall short. 

Shamanic dance is a sacred spiritual practice that allows one to walk between worlds, connecting deeply with Spirit. In shamanic dance practices, our bodies become the prayer and we can dialogue with the Creator of all things. This movement becomes a visual form of communication which can be used to share or receive messages from the Divine (or spirits, ancestors, etc.). Shamanic dance can be personal or communal. Typically a person or group will set an intention, dance as a form of meditation to achieve an altered state, and then dialogue with the spirit realm using movement.

I have been practicing and leading others in Shamanic dance ritual for more than 15 years. Time and time again I’ve witnessed the transformative and life-giving power these rituals hold. They create a powerful container that offers an intimate and direct connection with the Divine. This process is best taught in a workshop or intensive class series. My events are open to all people and all spiritual paths. Follow me here for workshop/class announcements. You can also contact me to book an event in your space. No dance experience is necessary to participate. 

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