Channeling is the act of communicating supernatural knowledge received from the spirit world. Channeled movement is when those messages are received and expressed kinetically in the physical body. Connection to the spirit world and higher levels of consciousness is first achieved through some form of meditation. Movement is my chosen form of meditation. In my practice, I set an intention or ask a question and then begin to move, calling upon Spirit to guide me into higher truth and greater awareness. For me, these are holy moments where I step into deep waters and move with divine flow.

When channeling for a client, I begin by asking Spirit to highlight a track in my music app to play while I move. I play the track on repeat and begin to move slowly as a form of meditation so that I can begin to feel the energy of the messages Spirit wants to bring through. Once I feel Spirit flowing freely I will start recording. The movement that follows is saved in a video file to be delivered as part of the client’s chosen package. Video files are typically 2-4 minutes long. Clients should watch the video with an open heart and mind, asking Spirit (or their guides) to highlight the important movements. Journaling will help you get the most out of these messages. I recommend watching the video 2-3 times and writing down everything you think, feel, see, and hear. 

Channeled movement messages are offered in all three of my Awake & Embodied spiritual growth packages. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on updating content on my website to include these offerings and hope to have them all online by the end of this week. If all goes according to plan, I will begin taking clients on December 1st!

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