If I could title this picture I would call it “harnessing my shadow”. That phrase just about sums up 2020 for me. I’ve spent so much time this year looking inward to discover what’s under the surface. I’ve learned to embrace the parts of me that I didn’t like, or that I kept hidden for protection and even found parts of me I didn’t know existed. And I’ve been slowly putting some of those things out into the world for others to see. Those decisions came with a tremendous cost. However, what I’m left with is a life much healthier for me than the one I previously lived. And one that’s definitely more enjoyable!

I am a part of professional organizations and online communities that allow (and expect) me to be the truest version of me that I can be. I have a handful of amazingly fierce friends who fully support me speaking my truth and standing in my power. And I am now deeply connected to my physical body and learning more and more from her every day. 

Every time I look at the black scarf in this photo I get a little teary eyed because for me - that scarf represents parts of me kept hidden for decades, even though I wasn’t fully conscious of it. But now here I am - embracing that parts that I once thought unlovable, unacceptable, unworthy,  and unholy. 

For me, this year was about grabbing a hold of those things and dancing them into the external world. Feeling their voice in my body and then letting them soar through the air around me. 

So I wonder.... what would your body say if you allowed it the freedom to speak its truth? What if you could give voice to that which you’ve kept under lock and key? What would that version of you look like? How would it move and dance into existence?

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