What if you could SEE the messages SPIRIT has for you? Well, that is my special sauce! I call this practice Channeled Movement Readings. You could think of it as a psychic reading combined with oracle cards - but instead of looking at a still image, you get to see wisdom and insight from the spirit world in action.

Dance is a powerful form of communication that surpasses language barriers. So often I find that words limit the scope of what Spirit wants to say. But when you can watch and see Spirit moving (through me), you can feel and experience your unique messages in a way that resonates with your soul on an entirely different level. Interpretation of those messages doesn’t rely on words that your brain needs to process - you can feel them in your heart and soul.

When watching your channeled messages, you have an opportunity to partner with Spirit to discern what is being communicated to you in that moment. I can certainly offer my interpretation afterward if asked. But in the 15+ years I’ve been doing this - the most precious thing that comes out of this process is watching my sitter experience an encounter with the Divine in an entirely new way that helps to awaken their own intuition. Your body has SO much to tell you. There’s a whole new depth of information you have access to when you can SEE and FEEL the messages Spirit wants to bring through. 

Channeled Movement Readings are available in all three of my Awake & Embodied spiritual growth packages. The reason I combine my services is because they build upon each other. The channeled movement informs my interpretation of your card reading, which informs the custom movement meditation I create for you. Also, because the channeled movement is recorded, you can return to it over and over again - gaining new insight from the movement as you grow and evolve. 

Check out my blog post from 11-10-2020 for more detailed information about what channeled movement is and how my readings work.

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