I remember so clearly the first moment I encountered the Divine while dancing. It felt like something from a movie. I sensed an opening to another realm and suddenly I was surrounded and enveloped by the presence of pure love and oneness with the universe. It was an experience that changed the course of my life. I spent years trying to understand what happened and how to “make” it happen again.

Eventually, I was able to put words to the experience within the context of a Christian faith narrative. After months of research via this new thing called the world wide web (LOL), I concluded that what I experienced was called worship dance. Thanks to the power of the internet, I was able to connect with other communities who were already practicing and teaching worship dance. 

Worship dance is a BIG umbrella term for a lot of different spiritual dance practices such as prayer dancing, prophetic dance, liturgical dance, warfare dance, intercessory dance, and dance ministry. And honestly, they all kind of overlap each other. In recent years I’ve learned that those practices are present in so many other cultures and faith traditions. Dance is truly a universal language.

To me, the heart of any type of spiritual dance practice is to convey that which is sacred here on this physical plane. In doing so, we awaken our human consciousness and can facilitate healing and wholeness within ourselves. 

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