I AM a mystic...

Pursuing the mysteries of the unseen world 

Dwelling with the Divine

Seeking truth grounded in love

I draw strength from communing with nature 

I carry the wisdom of the earth, sea, and sky in my bones 

I AM a healer...

I live in service to the world of Spirit 

I offer insight, wisdom, and divine revelation through movement and written word

I share medicine from the earth and the night sky - from plants and from the stars 

My intention is to help people cultivate meaningful connections with Spirit, with themselves, and with others in order to facilitate positive changes within and without 

I AM a dancer...

Movement is a sacred tool that I use to inspire, communicate, and to channel Spirit 

I dance to express my heart and soul and to explore my own creativity 

Dance is a vital remedy I utilize time and time again to move suffocating emotion and stagnant energy out of my body so that I can remain free 

I AM sovereign...

I choose my own path, create my own magic, and trust wholly in my body, heart, and soul 

I decide who and what is allowed into my energetic field

My faith requires no explanation because words cannot fully convey my experiences 

My guiding compass is my intuition 

I take action in the timing and manner that is aligned with my highest and most authentic self 

I honor MY truth and stand in MY power

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