Divination is the practice of discovering knowledge or insight of the unknown by transcending the mundane. It is practiced within many different cultures and religious communities using a wide variety of tools and methods. Dance divination is the process of receiving supernatural messages while watching channeled movement or dance that is inspired by the Divine. It’s really no different than looking at a spread of oracle cards to try and understand what Spirit is saying - except that the art you are looking at is IN MOTION. 

You don’t have to be a dancer to practice dance divination because typically you are observing someone else’s movement. However, I usually do both at the same time because I actively engage in dance divination while I’m doing channeled movement. When I move, I’m constantly asking Spirit what the movements mean or what impact the movement is having in and around me. If I’m doing channeled movement for someone else, I like to leave it up to them to use their intuition to divine what Spirit is saying - though I will share my insight if asked.

This is a practice I’ve been teaching for more than ten years. In the church communities I was a part of, it was called Prophetic Dance. And yes, prophecy IS a form of divination. I have an extensive library full of prophetic activation exercises that I’ve spent the last year translating to make this practice accessible to all spiritual paths. These exercises teach students how to connect with the world of Spirit and awaken their psychic senses by dancing and also by watching others move. 

Would you like to learn how to practice dance divination? Starting Summer 2021, I will be holding monthly Dance Divination Circles - online or in-person is yet to be determined. Space will be very limited. Make sure you join my mailing list so that you’re the first to know when slots open up!

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