On June 21st, the Northern Hemisphere welcomes the Summer Solstice - also known as Midsummer or Litha for those who observe the Wheel of the Year. This is a day of transition when the sun reaches its highest peak in the sky and we begin our long journey into the darker part of the year.

The Summer Solstice brings the longest day and shortest night of the year. It also coincides with the Sun’s movement into the constellation of Cancer. From here until the Winter Solstice, our days will begin to get shorter and shorter as we move through harvest season and then into the death of the year. 

We are in the midst of a season that is filled with abundance. Crops, trees, and plants are in full bloom and solar energy is at its peak. Nature is calling us to pause, listen, and connect with the rhythms of the earth.

Summer Solstice celebrations are focused on harnessing solar energy. You might want to cleanse and ground your own energy by spending some quality time in nature. You could also try making some seasonal crafts like flower crowns or light catchers. However you choose to celebrate, this holiday is the perfect time to engage in activities that strengthen your inner fire so that you can stand strong in your power. 

I plan to celebrate by making honey cakes, feasting with friends, sitting by the fire, and charging some solar water to drink in ritual. In a perfect world, I would get up early the next morning to watch the sunrise while drinking my solar water - but that depends on how wild my night gets LOL. I would also love to make a wreath and start a fairy garden, though that feels a bit ambitious for my schedule right now. 


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