This deck literally saved my life. Okay that sounds pretty dramatic. But seriously, it brought me back home to myself and I’m so grateful to have found it. I actually tripped right in front of the display where this deck was while shopping in a local bookstore. The universe knew I needed it LOL. Now every time I look at this box my heart swells because it was such a gift to me and I don’t know where I’d be today without it.

Back when I was a churchgoer, part of my “testimony” was about being healed and "set free" from new age, witchcraft, and occult spirits. If you don't have a religious background then you may not even realize some people consider the use of tarot cards to be in one or all of those categories. During my ten plus years of church leadership, I was the person who would get called upon to help others struggling in these areas. I had read all the books, knew what prayers to pray, and had “earned” spiritual authority over those things. So if you feel an urge to save me from this practice...  1.) ask yourself why you feel that way first and  2.) don’t waste your time. I know ALL the arguments and biblical scriptures against tarot card use and none of them matter to me anymore. What does matter to me is that the fruit of my tarot practice over the past year that has become so clearly evident in my life. I use tarot cards as a spiritual tool to connect with Spirit and my highest self and they are super helpful to me. Spiritual tools can be helpful or harmful to people - I mean look at what people have done with the Bible. 

I began my tarot practice by pulling one card a day and reflecting on what it brought up in me. In the beginning, I would ask Spirit to guide and speak to me as I studied the card. I took note of what thoughts came to my mind and wrote them down. The cards became like reflective journal prompts for me.Little by little I felt like I was climbing out of a very dark cave that I had been in since 2018 (when I started my deconstruction journey). I was waking up & learning so much about myself, and it felt amazing.

After a month or so I started pulling three cards a day. Eventually I added a few oracle cards. What started as 20 minutes of journaling & meditation soon became 40. The time I spend in my sacred space pulling cards, journaling, meditating, and moving (more on that soon!) has became a lifeline that is re-awakening my soul. 

This deck will always be my favorite. Because duh, it bears my last name LOL. So don't be surprised if you see a lot of Crow Tarot cards on my feed. 

Soon I’ll be offering weekly tarot pulls for the collective alongside a short, channeled movement reflection. I’ll give a brief written description for each card as well, but please understand, and this is SO important- it’s not about the card! It’s about what the card brings up in your psyche. I encourage you to study the images and colors on the card, watch the movement, and write down what thoughts pop into your head and describe how it makes you feel. These are clues as to what messages Spirit and/or your body might be trying to send to you. Take time and sit with it! This practice can be such sweet medicine to your soul. It is an invitation - do with it what you will. 

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