Today is the Autumn equinox - one of two days per year when we have equal parts of light and darkness in the sky. After today, the nights get longer and the days get shorter. Some celebrate this day as the first day of Fall, some see it as the beginning of Libra season, and others celebrate Mabon the second harvest. I celebrate ALL those things.

This has always been my favorite time of the year because of the beautiful fall colors, pumpkins, and apple everything. I love visiting orchards and pumpkin patches as well as allowing the cool crisp air to flow through my home. But deep down I’ve always known there was so much more that I loved about this season, and I didn’t understand it until about a year ago.

Last Fall I began studying the wheel of the year and contemplating the death and rebirth cycle from a spiritual perspective. I was in awe of the trees and how they knowingly surrender their leaves each year. The wisdom of Autumn is surrender and that is so clearly reflected in the nature that surrounds us. When we can go inside and shine a light on what is no longer serving us, we can shed those layers with intention. This makes way for new growth, new wisdom, and new beauty to emerge. This process is called shadow work and if you tune into your inner workings you may feel a pull towards this work right now as we enter the shadow part of the year. 

What is no longer working for you? What layers need to be shed? How will you make space for rebirth and renewal when the wheel of the year turns back towards the light?


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