Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent most of my life on this never ending quest to find other people like me. Someone with the same spiritual gifts, perceptions, and experiences. Anyone who might speak the same spiritual language that I flow freely in. I think that maybe if I found someone like me, that it would somehow validate my journey, validate me as a person, and make me feel less weird. But I have yet to meet that someone. And what I’m beginning to realize is that I’ve been searching for me this whole time. I’m here on this planet to teach and to share my unique gifts and perspectives. Doing so requires me to use my voice, to come out from behind the curtain, to do hard things. 

Recently I’ve been pushing myself to stand on my own because that’s the area of my life where I feel called to grow in right now. I naturally gravitate towards partnerships because it feels safer than going it alone. It’s a crazy hard habit to break and so far it’s been quite the uphill battle. I’ve had to muster up an incredible amount of courage and resilience. But slowly I’m learning to embrace confidence and trust in myself because there IS only one of me and my expression IS unique.

How about you? What does your unique expression look like it? Has it been challenging for you to share that with the world?

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