Today is the Autumn equinox - one of two days per year when we have equal parts of light and darkness in the sky. After today, the nights get longer and the days get shorter. Some celebrate this day as the first day of Fall, some see it as the beginning of Libra season, and others celebrate Mabon the second harvest. I celebrate ALL those things.

I’m currently an apprentice in the Journey Dance teacher training program. I was drawn to Journey Dance because it seemed so similar to what I had been teaching in the Christian community with prophetic dance and dance ministry.  However, their program isn’t confined to one spiritual path, which is something that was super important to me. I knew there was deep healing power in the work that I had been doing and I wanted it to be accessible to all peoples.

This deck literally saved my life. Okay that sounds pretty dramatic. But seriously, it brought me back home to myself and I’m so grateful to have found it. I actually tripped right in front of the display where this deck was while shopping in a local bookstore. The universe knew I needed it LOL. Now every time I look at this box my heart swells because it was such a gift to me and I don’t know where I’d be today without it.

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