I AM a mystic...

Pursuing the mysteries of the unseen world 

Dwelling with the Divine

Seeking truth grounded in love

I draw strength from communing with nature 

I carry the wisdom of the earth, sea, and sky in my bones 

This year’s spring equinox will occur on Saturday, March 20th, 2021. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the start of spring - a season of rebirth that holds the promise of joy, energy, and abundance. On this day, the sun rests directly above the Equator and we have equal parts of dark and light in our skies. From here thru to the summer solstice, the amount of light we receive each day will grow greater and greater until we reach the longest day of the year at the summer solstice on June 20th.

I remember so clearly the first moment I encountered the Divine while dancing. It felt like something from a movie. I sensed an opening to another realm and suddenly I was surrounded and enveloped by the presence of pure love and oneness with the universe. It was an experience that changed the course of my life. I spent years trying to understand what happened and how to “make” it happen again.

What if you could SEE the messages SPIRIT has for you? Well, that is my special sauce! I call this practice Channeled Movement Readings. You could think of it as a psychic reading combined with oracle cards - but instead of looking at a still image, you get to see wisdom and insight from the spirit world in action.

Monday the 21st of December marks the Winter Solstice holiday for the northern hemisphere. This is the day when the sun stands still (which is the meaning of the word solstice) at the lowest point in the sky and begins to ascend again - hence the use of phrases such as “rebirth of the sun” or “return of the light”. We’ve reached a turning point and from here, our days will begin to get longer and longer until we reach the peak of the sun’s height at the Summer Solstice in June.

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