What is Sacred Dance?

Sacred dance is a label applied to movement practices performed or utilized in religious ceremonies, rituals, or activities where dance is the vehicle used to connect and communicate with the world of spirit. It can be a communal dance or a personal practice. It can be spontaneous or choreographed. Sacred dance is movement performed with the intention to petition, to illuminate, or to bring honor to the divine. 

What is Intuitive Movement?

Our bodies have a voice that longs to be heard. That voice is movement. By engaging in movement that is guided by what we feel to be true (versus what we know to be true), we can channel our own inner wisdom. Intuitive movement is a personal practice of self-expression that can transport us to a place of being fully aware and fully present in our bodies. When we move guided solely by our intuition, not focused on technique or choreography, dancing becomes something of a treasure hunt. We can discover our unique truth and embrace our authenticity. Inside this type of container, we can begin to speak our innate soul language in a way that words can’t adequately express. When we feel stuck, ungrounded, or off-center - our brains don’t always know how to help. But if we allow our bodies to simply move without guidance, expectations, or judgment, we'll discover they have something to say. Intuitive movement begins with asking a question and then paying close attention to how our body responds. This process of self-inquiry and feedback can help facilitate deep and powerful shifts within ourselves.

What is Dance Divination?

Divination is the practice of discovering knowledge or insight of the unknown by transcending the mundane. It is practiced within many different cultures and religious communities using a wide variety of tools and methods. Dance divination is the process of receiving supernatural messages while watching channeled movement or dance that is inspired by the Divine. It’s really no different than looking at a spread of oracle cards to try and understand what Spirit is saying - except that the art you are looking at is IN MOTION. 

You don’t have to be a dancer to practice dance divination because typically you are observing someone else’s movement. However, I usually do both at the same time because I actively engage in dance divination while I’m doing channeled movement. When I move, I’m constantly asking Spirit what the movements mean or what impact the movement is having in and around me. If I’m doing channeled movement for someone else, I like to leave it up to them to use their intuition to divine what Spirit is saying - though I will share my insight if asked.

What is Channeled Movement?

Channeling is the act of communicating supernatural knowledge or insight received from the world of Spirit. Channeled movement happens when those messages are received and expressed kinetically in the body. It is a type of spiritual transmission that can be seen and felt on an entirely different level. 

Connection to Spirit and higher levels of consciousness is first achieved through meditative movement. In my practice, I set an intention or ask a question and then begin to dance, connecting with the energy around me. Then I call upon Spirit to guide me into higher truth and greater awareness while actively engaging my psychic senses. For me, these are holy moments where I step into deep waters and align with divine flow. 

What is Cosmic Choreography?

This term refers to a specific type of dance sequences, meditations, or performance art created to illuminate the energy of the cosmos whether that be planetary bodies, astrological transits, and energetic signatures of the elements. Currently, you can experience this offering in my Cosmic Alignment Sessions and Awake & Embodied Spiritual Growth Packages as a custom-designed dance meditation that I create specifically for you with the goal of bringing balance to any areas where you might be out of energetic alignment. Keep an eye on my Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts for mini-teachings on this topic (coming soon).

What is Shamanic Dance?

A shaman is an intuitive healer. The word shaman literally means “one who knows”.  Shamans connect with the spirit realm through altered states of consciousness for the purpose of directing spiritual energy into the physical world, usually for the purpose of healing. Dance or movement is one way to achieve this altered state and begin your journey. During a shamanic journey, dance/movement also serves as a visual form of communication that can be used to communicate with or receive messages from the Divine (or spirits, ancestors, etc.). Shamanic dance can be personal or communal. The person or group usually sets an intention, dance as a form of meditation to achieve an altered state, and then dialogue with the spirit realm using movement. 

What is Somatic Alchemy?

The body carries immense wisdom and it longs to communicate with you. By stepping into a living, breathing, and moving dialogue with ourselves we can create deep connections within the heart and mind. This is somatic alchemy. It is a holistic and sensual practice that will take you places your mind cannot. Engaging in this practice can facilitate rich, healing experiences that are unique to you and your own personal needs. 

Somatic alchemy work is highly effective when practiced in connection with the earth. Movement rituals that connect us to the alchemical elements of air, fire, water, and earth create a richly curated experience that will awaken the natural intelligence of the body. This powerful modality provides an opportunity to transmute negative energy and release emotional blocks, paving the way for us to cultivate and even repair our relationship with our physical bodies and the land we inhabit. 


All of the above-mentioned practices are things I’ve been teaching for more than two decades in various different communities throughout the Eastern part of the US. Because I developed them inside of Christian church communities, I called them worship dance, dance ministry, and prophetic dance. Towards the end of my time in the church, I began to feel a burden to expand what I have to offer to a wider community. I have an extensive library full of curriculum, workshop content, and activation exercises that I’ve spent a significant amount of time translating in order to make these practices accessible to all spiritual paths. These spiritual dance practices teach students how to awaken their intuition, connect with the world of Spirit and cultivate their psychic senses. If you are interested in learning more about these practices, sign up for my mailing list so that you can stay in the loop about my upcoming events, projects, and trainings.

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