Dancing Oracle Card Headshot ScaledMy name is Carla White Crowe (she/her) and I currently reside in southwest Ohio with my husband, two kids, four cats, and a dog. I am a seeker, mystic, dancer, nature and animal lover, and a student of astrology. I practice wild and embodied spirituality with an emphasis on the divine feminine. I love working with crystals, plants, essential oils, tarot cards, oracle decks, the wheel of the year, and the cycles of the moon. I am an intuitive healer and shamanic priestess.

My resume would tell you that I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in dance performance and a minor in business. After college, I founded and ran a religious non-profit organization for two decades which at the end of its lifetime was home to four separate Christian dance companies. I also ran a dance studio for 10 years. I hold the technical art of dance with high regard and absolutely love to choreograph and teach in a variety of styles and genres. However, my primary passion is utilizing dance and movement as a vehicle for connecting with the divine to channel wisdom and insight for soul growth, evolution, and healing.

My body, heart, and soul are healing. In March 2020, I walked away from my 20-year dance career so that I could start over. Both of my businesses were built on a religious foundation that I no longer align with. In 2019, I found myself deconstructing my Christian faith after a long series of traumatic events. Soon after, I realized I needed to transform the structure, vocabulary, and branding of my sacred work to reflect the person I had become. 

After leaving the church, I began reflecting on all of my life experiences. I took time to meditate, dance, and engage in some deep soul-searching with the hope of discovering what exactly my dharma was meant to be in this lifetime. It wasn't but a few weeks into this process that the name came to me. The Dancing Oracle felt like such a pure reflection of the journey I’ve been on over the past 15 years or so. So I said YES to beginning all over again. I said YES to a path that finally feels authentic and aligned with my highest self. I hope to be able to connect with you one day (whether in person or online) and share it with you. Meanwhile, you can read my personal manifesto below to get a clearer picture of my mission and core values...

From my blog post on 4-6-2021 titled "I Am Sovereign"

I AM a mystic...

  • Pursuing the mysteries of the unseen world 
  • Dwelling with the Divine
  • Seeking truth grounded in love
  • I draw strength from communing with nature 
  • I carry wisdom of the earth, sea, and sky in my bones  

 I AM a healer...

  • I live in service to the world of Spirit 
  • I offer insight, wisdom, and divine revelation through movement and written word
  • I share medicine from the earth and the night sky - from plants and from the stars 
  • My intention is to help people cultivate meaningful connections with Spirit, with themselves, and with others in order to facilitate positive changes within and without

 I AM a dancer...

  • Movement is a sacred tool that I use to inspire, communicate, and channel Spirit 
  • I dance to express my heart and soul and to explore my own creative energy
  • Dance is a vital remedy I utilize time and time again to move suffocating emotion and stagnant energy out of my body so that I can remain free  

 I AM sovereign...

  • I choose my own path, create my own magic, and trust wholly in my body, heart, and soul 
  • I decide who and what is allowed into my energetic field
  • My faith requires no explanation because words cannot fully convey my experiences 
  • My guiding compass is my intuition 
  • I take action in the timing and manner that is aligned with my highest and most authentic self 
  • I honor MY truth and stand in MY power

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