Dancing Oracle Card Headshot ScaledMy name is Carla White Crowe (she/her) and I currently reside in southwest Ohio with my husband, two kids, three cats, and a dog. I am a seeker, mystic, dancer, nature and animal lover, and a student of astrology. I practice wild and embodied spirituality with an emphasis on the divine feminine. I love working with crystals, plants, essential oils, tarot cards, oracle decks, the wheel of the year, and the cycles of the moon. I am a healer and a priestess and my work is shamanic in nature.

My resume would tell you that I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in dance performance and a minor in business. After college, I founded and ran a religious non-profit organization for two decades which at the end of its lifetime was home to four separate Christian dance companies. I also ran a dance studio for 10 years. I hold the technical art of dance with high regard and absolutely love to choreograph and teach in a variety of styles and genres. However, my primary passion and my sacred work lies in the realm of embodied spirituality that is shamanic dance, channeled and intuitive movement, and somatic alchemy.

My body, heart, and soul are healing. I recently walked away from my 20-year dance career so that I could start over. Both of my businesses were built on a religious foundation that I no longer align with. In 2019, I deconstructed my Christian faith after a long series of dramatic and traumatic events. Soon after I realized I needed to transform the structure, vocabulary, and branding of my sacred work to reflect the person I had become. 

At the beginning of 2020 I set out to reflect on all my life experiences. I took time to meditate, dance, and engage in some deep soul-searching with the hope of discovering what exactly my dharma was meant to be in this lifetime. Then in May 2020, the name came to me. The Dancing Oracle felt like such a pure reflection of the journey I’ve been on over the past 15 years or so. So I said YES to beginning all over again. I said YES to a path that finally feels authentic and aligned with my highest self. I hope to be able to connect with you in person one day and share it with you. 

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