Awake & Embodied Platinum Package Review - December 2020

This offering from the Dancing Oracle feels like a full spa day. I highly recommend being alone or having significant space to yourself when you open this package. I have been struggling with some deep issues of sadness and grief, and watching the channeled movement message unlocked the pain underneath that had been holding me back from release. The intuitive card reading had me taking two pages of detailed notes, making space to confront some truths I would rather pretend don’t exist, and thinking, “Is she somehow in my head?” Literal quotes from my recent thoughts and conversations popped up in this reading. I LOVE the layout of the Big 3 chart - the graphics are gorgeous, the descriptions are clear and concise. They helped me put into words some of the tendencies I’ve seen in myself. 

 But my favorite part of this package was learning the movement phrases and dancing it out with Carla in the video. I am not naturally good at choreography, but this natural, like each movement tapped into emotions I need to express and directions I want to head. I feel encouraged, supported, and like I have enough material here to last me at least a full six months. 

-The Shadow Crone


Awake & Embodied Platinum Package Review - December 2020

Channeled Movement 

These were my thoughts as I was watching the channeled movement video. (I followed your package instructions to the letter… because… well… Capricorn! LOL) 

The power of Spirit is in my hand…

Love is mine to share with the world

I may have times where I feel I’ve hit a wall…

But Spirit holds me like a baby, cradles me.

I do not need to hide my authentic self…

I am held, rocked and cradled by love

I am on a journey that is sometimes white water…

And sometimes the waves rock me gently…


Opportunities will arise…

I will give birth to a beautiful and compassionate life.

 Also, this video being in black-and-white was excellent. Made it far more dramatic.

 Intuitive Card Reading

The reading was so encouraging and spot on. I felt it held a sufficient amount of caution along with a lot of good encouraging insights. I was so glad to see the sun card in my reading. With all the reversals I was mortified at first, but you are absolutely right about my not valuing my work and my vocation. 

Your line, “what small treat can you offer yourself today?“ caught me so off guard - I started giggling. How long has it been since I thought of doing anything for myself as a “treat“? Oh my gosh. I rushed to the store and bought myself a bouquet of flowers. I am drying them for baths and spells and such. Thank you for that provocative thought!

Personalized Movement Meditation

I didn’t know (until after the fact) that the personalized movement meditation was your interpretation of my card reading! When I compared my thoughts with the reading, I was amazed at how perfectly you embodied the reading, but also how well and intuitively I “got it” as I was watching you! 

This movement offering you created for me is so perfectly perfect. I LOVED that these videos were in color. I truly appreciate it the way you looked right at me, in the camera, said my name, and told me how excited you were to share what Spirit had shared with you. When you said Spirit woke you up early to show you my movements, I was teary-eyed. I don’t know about you, but I am NOT a morning person! So the fact that you would get up early because Spirit had something to speak to you said a lot about your commitment to both me and the process you’re walking me through!

The movement you did for me wasn’t a full body exercise, which is helpful with me just starting to move my body in this way again. Also my “workspace“ is tiny and there’s not a lot of floor for me to move my whole body.  It made me think that you are also very inclusive of others abilities and body limitations. That spoke compassion to me. 

You’re such an incredible teacher of dance. Your training really shows in explaining how to do the movements. Counting and doing the movements incrementally is so helpful. Also not facing the camera helped me so much to mimic the movements without having to think “my right or your right?” LOL 

Big 3 Astrology Report

Even though I already knew my big three, I knew very little about any astrological “default behaviors“.  This report is simple enough to understand but in-depth enough to make me feel like you know what you’re talking about. The chart is very helpful and it’s large enough to find the glyphs and houses. Lots of great information - I’ve never known where to go get it. Also, the easy, conversational style it’s written in made it feel far more personal. YAY!

Personalized Self-Care Rituals 

The addition of a crystal and/or essential oil was brilliant! I don’t have a good working knowledge of either of those things so it’s great to know what might be a good personal Crystal or oil for me to utilize as a “default“. The self-care rituals for Capricorn are delightful! Again, so spot on for me. I love birch trees, the white trunked trees. And paper birch are my absolute favorites. Then the yoga pose was great. I’ve dabbled a lot of these things but haven’t done a deep dive into any of them. Your personal suggestions give me the motivation to find out more! (I LOVE research) 

Final Thoughts 

For the price (which is so reasonable) it is an enormous amount of information and work. I feel it’s truly an excellent value and would make a great personalized birthday or Christmas gift. It feels very much like every aspect of this package was intuitively provided. 

-Annabelle Lee


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