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This offering is a one-on-one, intuitive coaching session designed to assist you in accessing greater awareness of yourself, your body, and the cosmic forces at work around you. Movement is powerful medicine, and together we will move in ways that can help facilitate emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and soul alignment. 

Astrology gives us perspective and understanding of things that we’ve experienced or are experiencing presently, as well as provides a cosmic blueprint for how we can best invest our energy moving forward. Prior to our call, I will examine your natal astrology chart to identify transits, challenges, or elemental imbalances you may be experiencing on a cosmic level. 

My healing work is done in partnership with the world of Spirit. After looking over your natal chart, I will utilize a variety of divination tools such as tarot, oracle cards, channeling, pendulum work, etc. to identify any obstacles you might be experiencing. Then I will intuitively select a series of embodiment practices, movement exercises, and/or dance rituals that can help move you into a place of being able to successfully navigate and integrate the lessons your soul is currently working through.


How does it work?

  • After completing your purchase, I will send you a survey to fill out. This form will ask you for your complete birthdate information so that I can accurately pull your natal astrology chart. It will also walk you through a series of questions that will help to identify goals and set parameters for our time together. 
  • Once you submit the assessment form, I will send you a link to book a 75-minute zoom call with me. 
  • During our call, I will share insights gained from reviewing your natal chart and any channeled messages that came through. 
  • Then we will spend time establishing a connection with your body and the energy surrounding you through breath work and gentle, easy-to-follow movements. 
  • Next, I will lead you through a custom-choreographed movement sequence that will help you to partner with the energy in your chart as well as bring you closer to the goals you’ve set for yourself. 
  • When we’re done moving, I will wrap up our time together by sharing some intuitively selected self-care practices and rituals you can implement that will help you to continue the healing momentum you’ve begun.

What does it cost?

The investment for this service is $111 USD.

That includes my review of your natal chart, all of my pre-call discovery work, and our 75-minute zoom call together. The price will go up in 2023, so book soon to secure this price!

Your first session with me may be all that you need to jumpstart your healing journey. However, if you feel like you need more support - I can offer follow-up sessions at a discounted rate.


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