Cosmic Choreo Session Scaled


Join me for a 75-minute intuitive reading that combines tarot and career-focused astrology to help you harness your full potential and guide you toward your soul's purpose in this lifetime. In this session, we will focus on bringing conscious awareness to the energy already at work around you and identify any blocks or obstacles you may need to overcome in order to find personal fulfillment and authentic self-expression. 

After studying business in college, I’ve spent the last 23 years starting and running multiple businesses. Being a business owner brought me just as much joy as the businesses themselves. I also love helping people discover what sets their souls on fire and assisting them in creating a practical plan to put their dreams in motion. If you are looking for insight into your career path or are longing to start or grow your own business, then this service was made for you!

In our 75-minute live session, I will...

  • Share important insights gained from your natal astrology chart*, specifically focusing on your north node, midheaven, and other important placements that give insight into the work that your soul came here to do. 
  • Discuss any upcoming transits that you can work with to maximize your efforts in achieving your own goals, dreams, and desires - both personally and professionally.
  • Offer a live tarot reading where I will divine wisdom or insight that the world of spirit wants to share with you regarding your future plans.
  • Assist you in creating an easy-to-follow plan that will help you implement any actionable goals and/or accomplish tasks needed to help you gain momentum in your career or help you launch/grow your own business.

Your purchase includes...

  • All of my pre-session discovery work reviewing your natal chart
  • A 75-minute LIVE Session with me via Zoom which includes a career-focused tarot and oracle card reading
  • 1-on-1 personalized career guidance and goal planning
  • A recording of our session that you can download and keep returning to for continued insight
  • A PDF copy of your natal astrology chart

After completing your purchase and booking your appointment with me, I will send you an email with a survey link asking you for your complete birth information and inquiring about the areas or any questions you might have regarding career/business-related topics. 

*Your exact birthdate, location, and time are required for accuracy. 

Illuminated Path Session investment is $99.00 USD



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