Square Platinum Package scaledAwake & Embodied spiritual growth packages are designed to inspire and empower you on your journey to become your best and brightest self. Each package features a channeled movement message to inspire your spiritual awakening and a personalized movement meditation to help you embody soul alignment and expansion. 

The packages I offer incorporate different spiritual tools and services which can help you connect with your intuition and gain insight into your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. My platinum package also includes intuitively selected self-care ritual recommendations based on the information shared in your reading. Start your journey today - select the package below that speaks to your soul.

The Awake & Embodied Platinum Package includes:

  • Channeled Movement Message
  • Intuitive Card Reading 
  • Big 3 Astrology Reading
  • Personalized Movement Meditation
  • Self-Care Ritual Reccomendations

Platinum Package Cost: $90.00 USD [INTRODUCTORY PRICING]


Channeled Movement Message

Channeled movement is supernatural knowledge or messages that are received from Spirit and expressed kinetically in the physical body. Before I begin channeling I set my intention or ask a question, calling upon Spirit to guide me into higher truth and greater awareness. Then l ask Spirit to highlight a track in my music app to play while I move. I play the track on repeat and begin to move slowly as a form of meditation so that I can begin to feel the energy of the messages Spirit wants to bring through. Once I feel Spirit flowing freely I will start recording. The movement that follows is saved in a video file to be delivered as part of the client’s chosen package. Video files are are typically 2-4 minutes long. Clients should watch the video with an open heart and mind, asking their guides to highlight the important movements. Journaling will help you get the most out of these messages. Watch the video 2-3 times and right down everything you think, feel, see, and hear. 

Intuitive Card Reading

I combine tarot and oracle cards for an intuitive reading that is focused on self-awareness and soul growth. Typically I will select one tarot deck and one oracle deck, pulling somewhere between 6-8 cards. Clients will receive a PDF document with detailed descriptions, my interpretation, and full color images of each card. My style is gentle but direct and my goal is to bring awareness to the whisperings of your soul. 

Big 3 Astrology Reading

This service allows you to dip your toes into the world of astrology and gain an understanding of the 3 biggest heavy hitters in your natal chart which are your sun sign, moon sign, and rising (or ascendent) sign. These three placements describe your personality and psyche and have a significant impact on how you live your life. Astrology is a wonderful tool for gaining insight into how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world around us. Clients will receive a detailed and customized astrological report that is informative and easy to understand, even if you’re completely new to astrology. CLICK HERE for a sample excerpt from my Big 3 Astrology Report.

***Please note: your name, complete date of birth, time you were born, and location of birth is absolutely necessary for an accurate reading.

Personalized Movement Meditation

Here I offer you a short simple movement phrase to embody the messages Spirit communicated in the previous two services. This meditation can be done sitting or standing - no dance experience required. Clients will receive 2 video files for this meditation. The first video file is an instructional video taught from the front to help you learn the movement. The second video file has a rear view camera angle so that you can move along with me in an empowering and expansive meditation experience.

Self-Care Ritual Recommendations

Intuitively selected advice to compliment the information you received in your tarot and astrology reading. This can include essential oils and/or crystal recommendations, suggested reading or listening ideas, recipes for personal care concoctions, and detailed ritual instructions among many other things to help support your as you continue your spiritual journey. 

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