Our bodies have a voice that longs to be heard. That voice is movement. By engaging in movement that is guided by what we feel to be true (versus what we know to be true), we can channel our own inner wisdom. Intuitive movement is a personal practice of self expression that can transport us to a place of being fully aware and fully present in our bodies. When we move guided solely by our intuition, not focused on technique or choreography, dancing becomes something of a treasure hunt. We can discover our unique truth and embrace our authenticity. Inside this type of container we can begin to speak our innate soul language in a way that words can’t adequately express.

I’ve been moving intuitively my whole life. Friends and family would often remark about how I could never stand still - apparently my body had a lot to say. As I studied modern dance in college, particularly improvisational movement, my love of dance grew exponentially. To be able to move freely without boundaries, restrictions, or desired execution opened up a whole new world for me artistically.  But it wasn’t until I started taking JourneyDance classes earlier this year that I began to pay attention to what my body was saying while I was moving. I twirled into a dancing dialogue with myself which in turn brought a deeper level of soul growth and connection - one that created a profound shift in my life. 

When I feel stuck, ungrounded, or off center - my brain doesn’t always know how to help. But if I allow my body to simply move without guidance, expectations, or judgement, I’ve found that she always has something to say. So I ask her a question and pay close attention to what follows. Then I respond with movement and so on and so forth. This process of self-inquiry and feedback is cyclical and magical and it’s one that I’m looking forward to teaching in the near future.

Have you ever taken the time to listen to your body? What did you hear?

For more information on this topic check out my blog post from 7/31 called “Your Heart is Good” where I talk more about my own personal journey of discovery and self-growth with this process.

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